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8 Suggestions On How To Select The Best Tree Service


Bay Area Tree ServiceHow can you select the right company? What can you do to avoid frauds with tree services?

Unfortunately for you and also for us who are trying to manage legitimate tree businesses, our industry is full of scammers as well as fly-by-night crooks and tree services that yield unsatisfactory results.

We’d like to give you some of our thoughts from our many years of experience.

These should help point you in the right direction

Insurance Policies

Check that each Tree Stump Removal Bay Area service you’re considering has appropriate liability insurance as well as workers’ compensation insurance. All certificates of insurance should be sent from the tree service’s insurance agency directly to you. Otherwise, it could be a fake certificate. If a company has an accident, and doesn’t have the proper insurance, then you are liable. The company will be responsible for repairs to your property, as well as any injuries that might have occurred due to the incident.

Much Better Service Bureau

Make sure that the business in question is accredited with the Better Business Bureau. While the BBB isn’t as strong as it used to be, BBB accreditation is still an indicator of reputable service. Also, find out the kind of rating the business has. The Tree Service San Francisco should be in good standing with BBB.


You can do some research to determine the reputation of the tree service in the local community. The most reputable Bay Area Tree Service is likely to have favorable online reviews in a variety of sites. Check to see whether the company in question is affiliated with any credible trade association, such as the Tree Care Industry Association or International Society of Arboriculture. How long has the business been in business? Do they have any complaints on local forums or discussion groups? If you require extra assurance, make sure you request references from the firm. It’s worth spending some time looking up references, particularly for larger projects.

Too Expensive?

If the price is too appealing to be true, it probably is. Everybody loves a bargain. If a tree service charges the lowest price due to the fact that they do not have qualifications or experience or they’re only working on a small portion of the work, it could indicate that they’re not insured.

Too costly?

Like the first point, don’t accept a price that is too high. Don’t let a nice salesperson convince you that $9000 is a reasonable price for removing a small oak tree from the front of your yard.

Various Estimates

You might be wondering, « how will I know whether a price is high or too low? » We recommend that you seek out estimates from three different businesses. Based on the estimates of the three companies, you’ll be able to get a general idea of what is normal in price. If you can, we suggest meeting with each of the representatives in person. You will be able to gauge the competence and professionalism of each person. This will also allow you to inquire about the company and learn more about what is going on with the company, and so on.

Comparing Apples with Apples

Always compare the actual offer when you’re comparing estimates. If a Bay Area tree service is providing additional services or a particular advantage, then you must be aware of this. Perhaps, for instance, one tree service plans on felling the tree whereas another tree service plans to remove it in smaller pieces? Although it’s quicker and less difficult to take down trees, it may cause more harm to your property. The process of putting down a tree in small sections will cause little damage to your yard however, it will require more time and effort and consequently, it is the more costly option. This is a great method to compare the professionalism, knowledge and professionalism of each company. Be aware that price isn’t everything – you should listen to your instincts about which company is most trustworthy.

Beware of contractors who are door-to-door.

Do not ever do business with contractors who deliver to your door, particularly for large projects like tree removal. This is a cautionary note from the BBB and a number district attorneys offices across the United States. Con artists who travel from one town to another to prey on homeowners and seniors are referred to as door-to-door contractors. If you just establish a rule not to conduct business with them, you will not have to be concerned about being a victim of a scam. Also, making the decision to do tree work at the spur of the moment is not an ideal choice – there are too many factors to take into consideration first.

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